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Converting Coal to Wind

Ever wonder how many wind turbines it takes to replace coal? And, how much US land is required for wind turbines?  Here they are!

Current US Coal Based Power
Net Summer Generating Capacity (Coal) 312,956 MW
GE, US Based and Manufactured, Wind Turbines
Largest GE wind Turbine (US Manufactured) 3.6 MW
Total Wind Turbines to Replace Coal/30% - Wind Turbines are 30% efficient 289,774  
Peak Wind Peak Output  1,043,187 MW
Got US Manufacturing?  Can you say electric cars?    
US Land Requirements for Wind Turbines for 100% displacement of Coal
Height to bottom of Blades (Wind Turbine) 100 ft
Wind Turbine Span 341 ft
Turbine Height 441 ft
Falling Distance 1.5 X Turbine Height (Circle Radius) 662 ft
Land Area of a Windmill Required with Falling Code (Pi R Squared) 1,376,784 Sq ft
Sq ft in a sq mil 27,878,400 Sq ft
Total Wind Turbine in a Square Mile 20.25  
Total square miles of Wind Turbines needed to completely REPLACE coal fired plants
Total Sq Miles of Turbines 14,311 Sq Miles
US Land Mass Sq Mi 3,794,083 Sq Miles
Total Area of US 0.38%  
For comparison, that is approximately the size of Vermont and Delaware     


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