Welcome to Zenergy Bio Fuel - Make Your Vehicle Carbon Nuetral

Welcome to Zenergy Bio Fuel

Welcome to Zenergy Bio Fuel, we are honored by your presense.  Our commitment is to the dramatic expansion of energy infrastructure on the earth to increase the quality of life for all people everywhere.  Sound Crazy?  Well, its always good to hope, and it really is the biggest business expansion opportunity in the history of the world.  Trick is, we need to not burn up the planet in the process.  Which is possilbe!  On both accounts... A bit scary, inevidible and exciting all at the same time. 

Through the Zenergy Bio Fuel, LLC website we seek to fulfill the warning of Thomas Jefferson and do our part to educate the populous.  Energy is actually one of the most interesting and far reaching conversations inside humanity from all sorts of angles.  Look for new content soon that cover all aspects of Transportation Fuel and Grid Electricity. 

We Welcome you to our site, we are continueally releasing new videos, articals, products and projects that we think are of value to the general conversation.  Solutions are available, really weird environmental stuff is happening and we owe it to future generations to pull up the collective will and make it happen.   Sound fun?  Stay tuned in...  We have an amazing group of people thinking about really brilliant stuff... ;)  We might even make you laugh...  Expect to be Challenged not only your knowledge, but by your humanity. 

In the immortal words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."


Matthew Butler
Zenergy Bio Fuel, LLC


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